Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday's Feast #1

This is our first Friday's Feast Meme & I hope you enjoy . . . . .

Name something you think is “the best.”

It has to be music. I could live without TV or books as I have my own imagination but I have to have music, in the car, in the kitchen, when Blogging & lots of other times of day (!) . . . so to the BEST music . . .

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 highest), how stressed are you today?

At the moment I'm about seven as I'm rushing to complete this meme, got to jump in the bath, go tax the car then off to a funeral before work. By lunch-time I'll be a fully fledged 10

What kind of cleanser do you use to wash your face?

I only ever use Vitamin E products from the Body Shop

Main Course
Tonight is a blue moon! What is something that you believe only happens “once in a blue moon.”

I don't believe anything is restricted to only ever happening "once" whether it's a blue moon or not. But I do remember my Gran using the phrase to entice & encourage me to try new things.

Nanci Griffith & The Blue Moon Orchestra
sings about "Just Once In A Very Blue Moon & I feel One Coming On Soon". I couldn't find a video of this to share but here's another one of my favourites from her "Blue Roses From The Moon" album . . .

When was the last time it rained where you live?

Last Night, we heard thunder (no lightning) & expected an almighty down poor, but got a little shower instead, which was good for the plants!

11 Pats for the Pooch:

addie said...

Welcome to Friday's Feast. I trust you will enjoy it and be back next week. OMG!!! Your soup is scary. I hope you make through the day in one piece.

Come over and share my feast ... definitely not as stressful

Alice Teh said...

Welcome, Shaz! What a feat for your Soup! I hope all turn out well for you. :)

Happy weekend!

Melody said...

Hi Shaz, welcome! I like your main course.

Happy Friday!

Raggedy said...

Welcome to Friday Feast!
Great Friday Feast!
My feast is served.
Have a wonderful day!
(")_ (")Š

jenny® said...

i'll check those products for your skin...are they working pretty good? happy friday!

Hootin'Anni said...

First, welcome to F F! And I enjoyed every single serving you set up for us. You did great.

Happy Friday

Crazy Working Mom said...

Welcome to THE FEAST!

I must admit that you did a great job for your first go around. I loved the visuals.

Hope you have a great Friday.
Try not to stress out too much.

tegdirb92 said...

great feast answers!! Happy Friday.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Loved the Tina Turner video! Happy Friday.

FalnAngel7 said...

Loved your answers.. especially the quote from grandma. Happy friday!

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great Feast. My feast is now up at my site.