Tuesday, June 12, 2007

7 Random Things (Plus 1)

Amazing Gracie has Tagged us for an "8 Random Things About Me" meme. A while back Mz Jackson tagged us on our Home Page for a "7 Random Things" so I'm re-posting Plus 1 more fact . . . .

1. I have a skin graft on my right wrist & left buttock cheek as a result of a car accident when I was 18 years old (No picture for this one!)

2. I love to be tickled & will often pay the girlies to tickle my arm. The story behind this is that my sister is 10 years older than me & used to do this to send me off to sleep when I was young. Still works to this day.

3. I'm addicted to Terry's Chocolate Oranges & hate having to share them.

4. I'm not a huge fan of TV competitions but I love The Eurovision Song Contest.

5. I'm useless at guessing games.

6. I hate washing dirty dishes.

7. I can be sadistic & will stir a cup of hot coffee then try to tap the spoon on the back of the hand of some unsuspecting person (only those over the age of 18 & usually Andy but he's getting wise to this one!).


8. Although I'm petrified of hights I did a Bungee Jump at Taupo in New Zealand in 2001. This was my Christmas present from Andy's Dad! It was nice to travel half way around the world for your partner's family to pay for the pleasure of terrifying you! This was an amazing rush & something I'll never forget or do again (ever!).

As I've tagged 5 of you before you are safe BUT Talj, Ruth & Whenn you are here by officially tagged to make the victims lucky numbers up to 8. Go visit Gracie for instructions.

5 Pats for the Pooch:

talj said...

Great bits of info on you Shaz! :o) I'll put mine together and will probably post it on Thursday :o)

RUTH said...

I don't mind doind it but can't guarantee EIGHT people to tag! Will do my best
p.s. great answers

Amazing Gracie said...

Oh, I love the spoon thing! Have to give that one a whirl!!!
See, you learn something every day!
I want to sky-dive - don't know that my neck could handle the bungee jump but I admire the heck out of you!

whenn said...

Jeez, well done on the bunjee!! I share your fear of hights and WILL NEVER be able to bunjee!
I'm on the tag, should be up before end of day :)

RUTH said...

Mine's done...now I've just got to warn my victims!