Sunday, May 27, 2007

In`flu`en´tial`ly Tagged

If I were to ask you to name:
1. The 5 riches people in the world
2. The last 5 Miss Universe winners
3. The last 5 Nobel Peace prize winners
4. The last 5 winners of Best Actor at the Oscars

The answers probably wouldn't have much relevance on your life as "Applause dies away, trophies gather dust & winners are soon forgotten", therefore I'm not gonna ask you. However, I am gonna ask you to name . . . .

A person who has changed the course of your life for the better
2 teachers who has contributed to your learning
2 colleagues who make your job worthwhile
3 friends who have helped you in your hours of need
4 people who make you feel special
5 people you need in your life & why?

"The people who mean something in our lives are not rated the best, don't have the most money & haven't won the greatest prizes . . . . .they are the ones we care about, the ones who care about us & the ones who make us who we are".

I'm Tagging Kai, Talj, Comedy Plus, Rebecca & Whenn
(& anyone else who'd like to do this). I'll post my answers in the "Pat The Pooch" box & you can to if you wanna play along x x x

11 Pats for the Pooch:

talj said...

Now this is cool! It may take me a few days to complete this but I'll give it my best shot! :o)

Shaz said...

Yeah talj you are our very first visitor, thanks for poppin' in x x

Rebecca said...

Do I send back to you as well as put on my site? Loved the questions btw.

whenn said...

On it right away! :)

Shaz said...

Anything you like Rebecca x x

Shaz said...

Andy has to be the person who has changed the course of my life for the better. Without him I wouldn't be happy now & I can't think of anyone who could have supported me through a difficult few years as a single parent working full time & studying.

The first "teacher" who contributed to my learning was Pops. One of my early childhood memories was of Pops teaching me how to write my name (especially as we had a long surname!). The second influential person to "teach" me was the first manager I had. She taught me good values, ethics & the art of attaining a non-judgemental attitude in the face of advercity.

Karen & Kate my job worthwhile. They provide humour & support at every turn.

Diane is my oldest friend (we went all the way through nursery & school together & are still friends now). Di & I shared every teenage angst. The second person is my dear friend the Hobbit who is always there when I need him & the third person is again my dear Andy.

The four people who make me feel special are Andy, my beloved girlies & Pops as they all love me for who I am & I thank them for that.

All of the above plus the Hobbit. I love you all x x

whenn said...

I'm melting... your answers are so sweet :)

talj said...

Well I have finally finished my answers! You can find them HERE

Shaz said...

Talj that was one amazing post, you put me to shame. Thanks for taking part x x

Anonymous said...

Great meme! We're just getting home and organized, so I will get to working on this one soon! :-)

Comedy + said...

I just found this. Let me get to it tomorrow. Sorry, I missed it. :)